A Half-Century of Trucking Success

In 1964, J. C. McElroy, Jr. started a small pulpwood trucking business with one truck, a power saw and a big-stick loader. This company grew into a hardwood logging operation named Sumter Timber Company that provided logs to area mills. By the 1970s, Sumter had become a logging contractor and was hauling chips, sawdust and shavings for local mills, eventually began shipping lumber from area sawmills to states adjoining Alabama.

In 1985, the flatbed portion of the operation expanded to form its own separate business, named McElroy Truck Lines. Through the years following, McElroy, or MTL, added satellite terminals, trailer pools near customers and many more truck drivers and trucks.

Today, McElroy is proud to be a successful customer-service focused company specializing in handling large volumes for our strategic customers. Together, with our dedicated family of employees, staff and professional truck drivers, we’re meeting the challenges of today’s competitive business climate.